Audum Live, LLC

Thank you for the years​ of Business!

Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Denver, and Washington D.C. - It was a pleasure serving you!

Late to the party?

Someone mention Audum Live? Find us on Google via relevant keywords? Stumble upon an old article in a news publication? 
You're too late!

But maybe you're still wondering... What was Audum Live?

​Audum Live was a daily deal company that marketed restaurant, pub, and event-based promotional offers to a young-professional, nightlife-oriented market segment. Unfortunately, in late-2014, after 5 years of business, the company decided that the "daily deal industry" was no longer one worthy of investment.

Still need to contact us?

We've created a temporary email address for any remaining questions! Please allow 5 business days for responses:

Our primary office in Chicago will no longer be able to accept mail or deliveries: 

900 W North Ave, Suite 730, Chicago, IL, United States